Kaya Genç is a novelist and essayist from Istanbul. He is the author of Under the Shadow (I.B.Tauris, 2016) and An Istanbul Anthology: Travel Writing through the Ages (American University in Cairo Press, 2015). Upon the publication of his debut novel, L’Avventura (Macera) in 2008, he was named one of Newsweek Turkey’s “20 under 40” writers.

Kaya is writing a history of Turkish literature for Harvard University Press. His first English novel The House on Arundel Street will be out soon. In 2015, Kaya’s writing was picked by The Atlantic for the magazine’s ‘best works of journalism in 2014’ list. He is represented by Laurence Laluyaux at Rogers, Coleridge & White. Kaya’s writing has appeared in the Times Literary Supplement, Paris Review, Believer, Guardian, Financial Times, New York Times, London Review of Books blog, New Republic, Prospect, Time, Newsweek, Sight & Sound, New Statesman, VICE and White Review, among others. Kaya has a PhD in English literature. He is a contributing editor at Index on Censorship and the Istanbul correspondent of The Believer and The Los Angeles Review of Books.

You can find a list of his books, stories and essays here. Reviews of Under the Shadow are here. For a list of Kaya’s book events, visit here

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